not everything is what it seems...

LONDON, 2024. During the busiest day London Flight Control has ever experienced, an unknown fault with their network is causing planes to back up waiting for clearance to land.

Nine planes circle London's largest airport, stranded. With their own computers playing up, Pilots frantically radio to Flight Control for emergency landing clearance. Without quick directions from London Flight Control the planes are in danger of crashing into each other or just falling from the sky.

Our hero, John, races against time to prevent the impending catastrophe. The virus coursing through Flight Control's network proves too powerful. John loses to it and London Airport suffers the most horrific air-traffic tragedy ever seen.

But, our hero will not give up so easily. With the help of his buddy, top virus tech, Jack Beale, John sets out to destroy the virus. Imagine their surprise when they discover their nemesis AVATAR is in fact a beautiful woman with a cruel-set sneer.

No time for flirting! AVATAR gets straight to work making mincemeat of John in a dazzling array of skilled fighting. Through a series of encounters and high paced action, John and his team can't seem to get the better of AVATAR.

The story climaxes on the rooftop of Britain's tallest building, the Central Communications Tower. His tricks all played out John finally discovers the solution to his problem...

But, not everything is what it seems...

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