not everything is what it seems...

An ambitious futuristic short film, AVATAR is fast-paced, action-filled, and visually stunning. Set in futuristic London, 2024. The movie tells the story of a Team of Virtual Reality Virus Exterminators faced against the ultimate Internet virus.

Filmed on Super 35mm, AVATAR has been finished, courtesy of many of London's best Postproduction Houses and to the highest standards.

Award winning and London-based Danish director
Nicolai Amter has guided AVATAR through script, filming and postproduction.

A great eye for colours, composition, and strong knowledge of all areas of post-production, Nicolai brings craft and innovation to this and every project he directs.

For a year, Nicolai and Hyan Thiboutot, UK-based Canadian scriptwriter, developed the concept and shooting script behind their AVATAR movie.

On the thread of a shoestring budget, freelance producer Fleur Robinson manned the helm and brought all essential elements together for a dynamic and successful shoot.

This film could not have been made without the dedication of our crew and generosity of
our sponsors who are all duly acknowledged throughout this site.


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